Introduction to Translation
American University of Beirut

Department of English
ENGL 233 (section 2) MWF 1300-1350, Nicely 107
Instructor: David Joseph Wrisley
Contact: dw04 (at) aub (dot) edu (dot) lb

Office: 323 Fisk Hall  Phone: 3102
Office Hours: TBA

ENGL 233 is a course in the language section that familiarizes the student with basic translation theories and offers hands-on practice in the development of basic translation skills using a variety of cultural heritage texts from Arabic into English. There will be a focus on regional Arabics as well as multimodal texts.

Translation, it might be said, is the most intense form of reading and analysis, and an emphasis will be placed throughout the semester on reflective analysis and revision throughout the translation process.Students who enjoy working between languages and would like to deepen their usage and style in them will be interested in this course.  Students should already be able to read Arabic texts with ease.

Written work will be done in English, and some in WordPress format.  Students should be willing to write in a public, open context.

This course counts as an English elective, a Humanities course and/or three credits toward the 15 cr minor in translation.